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About Stella

Stella Grey Studio is owned & operated by Tiffany, who studied art and design in college where she graduated with (essentially) a degree in oil painting. After a series of harrowing mall jobs for a decade, she worked for over seven years as a property tax accountant, and now works as a designer and illustrator as well as handling the daily operations, photography, and graphics for Flower Moxie. Sometimes she even helps create wedding flowers for the OKC based floral design company Yo Frida! You can also find her designs on Etsy here.

When she’s not doing any of the above, you can find her snuggling her puppers, looking at photos of alpacas and dogs on Instagram, or listening to her favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder, with fellow murderinos (#SSDGM).  Sometimes, for fun, she refers to herself in the third person. She’s wild like that.