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      Dog enthusiast, pizza crust aficionado, and strong believer that an afternoon nap is an essential part of any day.


           Stella Grey Studio is helmed by Tiffany, who studied art and design in college where she graduated with what was essentially a degree in oil painting. After a series of vexing mall jobs that spanned a decade, she made the obvious transition and worked for 7+ as a property tax accountant.
           These days, she works as a designer under the Stella Grey moniker. Additionally, she handles the daily operations, product photography, and graphic design for the online DIY floral company Flower Moxie. Sometimes she even helps create wedding flowers for the OKC-based floral design company Yo Frida! You can also find her designs on Etsy.
           When she’s not doing any of the above, you can find her snuggling her puppers, Chloe Bear; using social media to look at photos of dogs; ranking the quality of pizza crusts at local Oklahoma City restaurants #Carbs; and listening to her favorite podcast, My Favorite Murder (are you a Karen or a Georgia?).  Sometimes, for fun, she refers to herself in the third person.



      Chloe Bear showing off her flower collars. She was feeling herself in the second photo, but just wanted me to take the pic already in the first!