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About Stella Grey Studio

Stella Grey Studio was established by Tiffany Thomas in 2016 and is a multidisciplinary design studio (a fancy way of saying I have a LOT of interests) based in Oklahoma City. The studio specializes in dainty, modern jewelry; deliciously snarky candles (launching online soon!); and graphic design assets for fellow designers (also launching here soon!). Stella Grey started as a side project on the weekends and has turned into so much more.

Stella Grey believes in giving back which is why Shop With a Purpose was launched in 2018. For every purchase, Stella Grey will donate a portion of each sale to one of 5 worthy causes, chosen by rotation.

The current lineup:

✨ Doctors Without Borders
✨ The Trevor Project
✨ Time's Up Legal Defense Fund
✨ Black Lives Matter.

About Tiffany

tiffany of stella grey studio

Dog enthusiast, pizza crust aficionado, and strong believer that an afternoon nap is an essential part of any day.

You're finally here! I've been waiting for you.

I'm the one-woman show behind Stella Grey Studio. In college, I studied art and design, where I graduated with a fine arts degree focused oil painting. (Yes, you can really get a college degree in oil painting. And no, I don't recommend it.)

After years of vexing mall jobs that spanned more than a decade (don't ask what happened in those dressing rooms–but if you have a vivid imagination you can probably get pretty close to the horror), I pivoted (PIVOT!) and worked for 7+ years as a property tax accountant in the energy sector.

These days, I've returned to my artistic roots while being endlessly grateful for the knowledge I gained as an accountant. I design jewelry, graphic design assets like fonts (bad kerning really sticks in my craw) and social media templates. (The 'Stella' in Stella Grey comes from my great granny Stella.)
Additionally, I handle many of the daily operations, product photography, and graphic design for the online DIY floral company Flower Moxie.

I really love dogs (especially my two goofballs, Chloe and Frankie Jean), pizza crust (aforementioned crust aficionado), and taking a big, juicy afternoon nap when I'm able to.
If I'm not taking embarrassing selfies with my fella or snuggling my pups, I'm probably DIY-ing something around the house while listening to my favorite true crime or economics podcasts (My Favorite Murder, No Stupid Questions, Let's Not Meet, and Freakonomics are my absolute faves!)
But enough about me. How are you?