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Caring for your jewelry

Gold filled jewelry

  • Saltwater, chlorine from swimming pools, harsh detergents, perfumes, and cleaning agents should be avoided.
  • To clean your jewelry, the simplest method is warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth to dry it. A jewelry cleaning cloth that's safe¬†for gold jewelry can also be used.
  • To avoid additional stress on your jewelry, remove it when sleeping, showering, or any streunous activity like exercising.

Brass jewelry

  • Brass will naturally patina (darken) over time. This is a process & look that many people love. However if you prefer to keep your brass a sparkling gold, a simple polish with a polishing cloth will restore your ring to it's original beauty!
  • To prolong the polished look, avoid getting your brass items wet. Remove when showering, exercising, or washing your hands. Avoid trapping moisture¬†between your skin and larger items like thick rings and bracelets.
How to care for your gold filled and brass jewelry | stella grey studio | stella loves you