Shop with a Purpose

The only thing better than finding the perfect accessory for yourself or your home is to do so with a company that shares your values. And one that gives back to the community. This is how you can shop with a purpose and feel great about it!
For every item you purchase, Stella Grey Studio will donate a portion of the proceeds from your purchase to the charity of your choice. When you check out, be sure to visit your cart page first so you can select one of the many deserving charities for the donation to go towards! If you do not make a selection, one of the charities will be chosen on your behalf.

The current lineup:


✨ Doctors Without Borders

✨ The Trevor Project

✨ Time's Up Legal Defense Fund

Remember: every item sold supports an organization working toward making this world just little bit better. This isn't just about shopping anymore - it's a way to make an impact in our communities right now, together.