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bronze hidden message bracelet
bronze hidden message bracelet
personalized bronze cuff
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secret message bracelet
personalized bronze cuff
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Bronze Hidden Message Bracelet


This hidden message bracelet is formed by hand; no two will be perfectly identical. Each one is a little piece of art from me to you! These are substantial bracelets that make a gorgeous statement! This discreet message reminds the wearer that you're thinking of them.



  • Max characters, including spaces, for each side of bracelet: 15
  • You may opt to personalize the front AND back of each bracelet.
  • Each bracelet is designed to fit over your hand like a traditional bangle; there is a 1/2 inch gap on each one, making them slightly adjustable for your perfect fit.
  • Sold individually or as sets, with the option to personalize it or leave it gorgeous and plain.


  • Small - 2.25 inches
  • Medium - 2.5 inches
  • Large - 2.75 inches
  • ** Take a string & measure your hand at the widest part (the joint where your thumb attaches to your hand). Measure the string & choose the size closest to it. Most people will be a medium.


  • Leave a note at checkout with your personalized message of choice. You may personalize BOTH sides of each bracelet. BE SPECIFIC of what words you want on what bracelet, otherwise I will take artistic license & my own best judgement.


Other ideas for motivational messages:

You Are Strong, You Are Stronger Than You Know, You Are Amazing, I Freaking Love You