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How long will it take to get my order?
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🚙  Each order is handmade and this process takes time. You can expect your order to be fabricated in 3-5 business days. if you choose expedited shipping, this will decrease the shipping time but not the fabrication time. So please plan ahead if you'll need your order by a specific day!

Can I track my order?
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You betcha! You'll receive a tracking number when your order is sent. I recommend installing the Arrive app & easily tracking it!

Do you sell wholesale?
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Sure do! Check out all the deets here!

Which kind of mac & cheese is the best?
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(a) Powdered cheese in the blue box?

(b) The one with the creamy orange sauce? 

🧀 GREAT question and one that's divided families for years. As delish as a creamy orange sauce is, nothing beats the blue box! PRO TIP: you don't even need milk like they say on the box. Keep the cooking water & dump that delicious packet of fake powdered goodness in it! Never again will you feel the heartbreak of not being able to cook your mac & cheese because the milk in your fridge expired during the Clinton administration. If YOU have any Mac & cheese hacks, please email them to !

Where do you ship to?
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Almost everywhere in the world! 

What's Ryan Gosling's phone number?
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💖 If you have the hot goss on this hot Gos, I need you to contact me immediately. We're in this together, you and me.